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Les Alpes
July, 13 – September, 1 2018

Maurice Steger, direction

Maurice Steger, professor for early music, flauto dolce (recorder) and conducting, has championed young musicians intensively ever since – in workshops, in university courses as a guest professor, in master classes as well as in collaborative training and preparation for concerts. The support he offers is truly comprehensive, whether with suggestions with regard to technique, sharing his profound knowledge of music and music history, integrating and testing musical ideas, as well as promoting the social structure of the groups he works with and the joy of sharing with one another.

Gstaad Baroque Academy offers the perfect basic conditions for that. Guided by a team of professors headed by Maurice Steger, this intense and inspiring week is for many young musicians the peak of their year of musical training.

Preview Baroque Academy 2018

Detailed Information on the Gstaad Baroque Academy 2018 will be published on this page in January.

Anticipated dates: Sunday, 26 August - Saturday, 01 September 2018 at Wellness- & Spa-Hotel Ermitage.
(Students' arrival/departure date: 25 August/02 September)

Expected registration deadline: 31 May 2018

Maurice Steger

Baroque Academy 2013 Steger with student

Gstaad Baroque Academy: Masterclass with Maurice Steger